A classical middle and high school empowering highly motivated and gifted scholars.

Classical Education Model

The Trivium is taught in three stages:
Grades 1-5
Grades 6-8
Grammar Logic
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Grades 9-12
Grammar Logic Rhetoric
In high school, the Quadrivium is added:
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Mastering the trivium and quadrivium
results in a highly educated scholar.

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Virtues, not Values.

Our mission joins instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue with a rigorous academic program. Virtue requires both a trained mind and a generous heart, and as such unites our ability to think and reason with our passions, desires, and feelings.

Rarely does a public school speak openly about virtue, since virtue means we judge our actions against an objective standard of beauty or goodness. Instead, most people speak of values, since in our age, we are much more comfortable with language that does not make clear discrimination between good and bad. Indeed, to speak of virtue means that we judge some qualities of character to be better than others, and this entails taking a stand in their defense and attempting to cultivate them in our students.

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